About Me

Sleep is an important aspect of everyday life. The more rested you and your family are, the better you feel about everything else that is going on. Babies and children's sleep problems have an impact on everyone in the family and can cause stress for you and your children. Lack of sleep causes changes to your child's behaviour, temperament, eating and overall development.

As a sleep consultant my goal is to address all of your concerns and treat your child as a whole. This is why I offer a range of packages to support you with sleep, as well as other behavioural and developmental challenges.

Sleep Harmony is founded by Clare Fahey BTchLn. who is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher as well as a qualified Paediatric Sleep Consultant. She did her sleep consultant training through the Family Sleep Institute.

Over the past 17 years Clare has been working as an early childhood teacher, both in preschools and in the 

home-based sector. She has gained a wealth of knowledge regarding child development and has worked with children from a range of ages, stages and family backgrounds.

Clare has 18 month old twins, so has a new perspective on sleep deprivation, maternal instincts and the challenges of creating healthy routines and sleep habits for her own children.

At Sleep Harmony, Clare uses a holistic approach to work with you and your child in order to create a happy and healthy family environment.