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I Need Sleep!!!

Sleeping babies. Sleep consultant

 Newborn babies aren’t born with a functioning body clock, therefore they wouldn’t have a clue whether it is night or day 

Clare Fahey - Sleep Harmony NZ Ltd

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Nightmares or Night Terrors …. What is the difference?

Nightmares and night terrors

  If your child has started screaming in the night and seems terrified it can be even more unsettling for you than it is for them. How do you know if it is a nightmare or a night terror and what can you do about it?

Clare Fahey - Sleep Harmony NZ Ltd

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What to Look for When Hiring a Sleep Consultant


Kim Valade from Good Night Sleep Site Okanagan discusses the importance of hiring the right sleep consultant for your family.

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Life as a Twin Mum


Clare Fahey from Sleep Harmony is a first time mum to twins. She is learning first hand about sleep deprivation and the importance of a good routine.

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When to Transition From Two Naps to One.


Are you struggling to get your child to have two naps per day? Are they ready to drop a nap?

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Sleep Associations

sleeping on mum

The good, the bad, the learned - Lauren Betts with Starry Night Sleep Consulting, Iowa

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Keeping Baby In That Crib!


Is your child really ready for a big bed? Kristina Amerikaner with SnoozieQ Sleep Consulting, Maplewood NJ

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Should My Baby Drop From Three Naps To Two?


Is your child ready for two naps a day? - Clare Fahey with Sleep Harmony NZ Ltd

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