"I’m still in awe of what my wee beauty is capable of since our visit from Clare. We were lucky enough to have her visit and complete an assignment for her studies, yay for us!
My daughters sleep habits have changed dramatically in a matter of days and I’m simply blown away at how easy and simple it was. Clare was encouraging, supportive and in consistent contact. Answered every one of my questions and reassured me when in the first few days I didn’t have the belief I wouldn’t have to feed and rock my girl to sleep. By day 4 she was putting herself to sleep in her cot. Not needing to be held or fed to sleep! Amazing! And now 10 days on I can simply pop her down in her cot, say sweet dreams and off she goes. The method Clare uses is kind, respectful and still makes you 100% available to your baby while you teach them positive sleep habits. We’ve gone from 40min catnaps during the day, to 1-2hr chunks of sleep at a time. Thank you so so much, we have a happier girl to prove this. Will highly recommend to anyone!!" 

Amy - Christchurch

"It's amazing how a consistent good night's sleep can make such a difference to your outlook on life. We are so thankful for the help Clare has provided our family with. We've gone from 3-4 night wakings to sleeping through the night in the short space of 1 month. We saw results with self settling within 3-4 days. Clare is patient, realistic and supportive. The method she chose for us worked perfectly! Sleep training is scary territory when you're making that leap of faith to get your child to self-settle, but it is so worth it. If you're on the fence about whether to try it, it is money we'll spent and Clare is the consultant to help you." 

Emma - Catlins

"Clare’s support was amazing! My little one was such hard work when it came to her night sleep after a sleep regression and she was able to quickly, respectfully and effectively get her back on track and sleeping the best she has ever slept! My daughter responded so well to Clare’s techniques and Clare was with me every step of the way. We now have positive sleep associations and she self settles for every sleep...resulting in a much more settled and restful nights sleep. On top of the support Clare has a wealth of knowledge around children’s sleep and could give me answers to any questions I had! Can’t thank her enough." 

Tracey - Christchurch